What we are up to….

We are just plugging away doing what we can every day. I’m not 100% yet from the flu. Noah is finally finishing up his Thanksgiving project. It was quite a bit of work, and I will be glad to see it done, probably tomorrow.

Our next project will be coloring renditions of Vincent van Gogh’s works. I read a beautifully done board book with 10 reproductions of van Gogh’s paintings and the kid’s loved his work. For the children to color we have Flower Beds in Holland, Room at Arles, and of course Starry Night. I also found a small clip art of van Gogh’s self portrait and a brief bio of him, so we will spend the next few days working on that. It amazes me how much they like classical art now that I’m taking an art appreciation class. 

We are planning a trip to the art museum when the medieval exhibit opens. It opens at the end of Feb. but we won’t make it until after we move, I’m guessing sometime in April.

That’s all for now. 


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