Zoo photos

We are blessed with a great city zoo and spent the day there on Tuesday when it was incredibly warm out for January. So I hope you enjoy this brief look at our zoo.


The Princess and her pal…..


We have this equator line in the African Savanah part of the zoo. The water fountains weren’t running since it is winter but one drains clockwise and the other drains counterclockwise. There is a great explanation on how it does that.


Photo of an illegal trap. I would not like to be an animal caught in that. 


We started to go closer but the giraffes outdoor winter place was a bit too pungent for us. 


I love the coloring of these birds, no I don’t know their species name. I’m guessing they are some sort of egret?????Photobucket

Adrien took this photo, it is in the African Savannah hospital for animals. That is a very cool building to visit.


One of the hospital rooms, we have never seen an animal there though, I’m guessing it is just for showing you what they would look like.


Ace took this picture, so it is a bit fuzzy. This is the other room and they are behind glass.

I have more pictures for your viewing enjoyment to post another day. Hope you enjoy these in the meantime.


4 thoughts on “Zoo photos

  1. As much as I love our zoo I do miss going to zoos that have more exotic animals from different continents.

    Thanks for sharing your visit w/me especially the first one with your princess 🙂

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