You know you are old when…….

You wake up on your birthday and don’t even remember that it is your birthday. At least until you go to read your email and the google group you are on, has a post for it *shakes head*, the husband did get me cards both from him and one from the kids. He has promised me that as soon as we buy our house he will get me this. Isn’t it a beauty? I have been drooling over that camera for months now. However i really need a house first. We are approved no matter which way we go : conventional or FHA for a loan, we just need time to find a house, although there are 2 that I’m watching on the internet. One of them has just lowered the price again, it is within walking distance of the church for the husband to go to that job, as well as a nice park and the city pool for me and the kids, not to mention the college until I transfer to U. of Akron. We could save a bundle on gas for the van. That would be nice, especially if things work out the way we want at the church~ The husband is hoping to take his pension from the grocery store he works at and then go full time at our church, we will stay about the same $$$ but he will be down to 2 jobs instead of 3, be able to sleep normally again, hopefully be less cranky and I will be able to step up my class schedule a bit.

Christmas was nice, nothing exciting, Thanks be to God, I’m tired of the drama in my life. Noah was happy with his mp3 player, after I converted our music back to mp3 instead of mp4. Camryn loves her American Girl Bitty Twins, Caedmon likes his books the most, I bought him the Dinosaur Books by Jane Yolen and Mark Teague. Adrien is happy with his webkinz and his pirate ship by playmobile. The husband loved his OSU hoodie, the girls enjoyed their clothes, so what more could you ask for? I wish my other sons had come by, only Tristan did and with Renee and her youngest daughter.

Ok, out of here to go clean and wash some clothes.

Have a great day.


5 thoughts on “You know you are old when…….

  1. That is a very nice camera and I hope that you are able to get the home that will work for you and your family, I know that God has the perfect one all lined up for you in HIS time.

    As for the family, just keep praying for those wayward children, God has His hand on them.

    Forgiveness is hard but it’s what He does for us and we can do no less and still call ourselves His followers.


  2. I wasn’t even looking at that camera until yo pointed it out…..Randy likes that one better than the canon…..we’ve gotten too many “bc’s” on the canon that I don’t think we will full with it anymore.

  3. Happy birthday to you!

    Happy birthday to you!

    Happy birthday dear Michielle!!

    Happy birthday to youuuu!

    Congratulations on the camera. How cool. :mrgreen:

    Have a wonderful wonderful day! Hugs, Robin

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