I wish I felt like writing a real entry but I’m settling for bullets again.

  1. I have to prepare for a debate on reverse discrimination for tuesday’s social problems class.
  2. Getting done with another article analysis for soc.
  3. Working on my landscape,
  4. I took Noah to open swim today to celebrate his birthday.
  5. My swimming is improving slowly
  6. I love to listen to The Fish while i”m working on the computer. It is our contemporary christian music station.
  7. In only a week and a half , I will have to look at registering for spring semester.
  8. I’ve been kind of introspective lately about God and Jesus, interesting thoughts there but they are fleeting and I never remember them for long. Sometimes, I dream them, leaving me with a vague feeling of peace but not real thoughts or images.
  9. The husband is on vacation next week and I’m happy so that I can catch up with everything and maybe workout out at the fitness center at the college.
  10. Next friday and saturday, I will be at the Northeastern Ohio Synodical Women’s Organization Convention as a delegate. Serving on the conduct of elections committee, Team 1.
  11. I need to work on the mil’s shawl for christmas, it is coming along nicely,
  12. The husband is working the church on sunday, I will be volunteering in the nursery. Kendra and Noah will have to go to church and sit there alone, so that Kendra can take sermon notes. *Pastor Doug is a tough taskmaster* so glad I’m an adult.

Ok, I’m outta here as I have to get things done.


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