Poetry Lessons

Have been quite interesting this week. Noah had to write a quantrain~ 4 line poem that rhymed. With a bit of help he came up with this:

If I worked for CTU

I could spy on everybody…..including you

I could put you in jail

without any bail.


He now has to write a couplet ……he is definitely having trouble with rhyming……back later with his couplet.


I used to make traps

that had many gaps 


2 thoughts on “Poetry Lessons

  1. Very interesting.
    What does CTU stand for in the first poem?

    Gotta watch for Noah I guess since he could be spying on me one day should he ever go to work for CTU. 😕

  2. Noah likes the show 24, Jack Bauer works for CTU it is some gov. agency for terrorism. Noah is actually thinking of being a Pastor but I needed something to get him to write poetry…..

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