Busy week

I can’t believe how busy have been this week. School, college, the husband working so much.  I had a women of the church board meeting last night. bible study today, then I rushed off to swim class. home to do school with the boys, I rewrote my article analysis for next week.(I had Pastor Doug look at it and critique it, since it was about capitalism and he was a political science major) He did and it should get me the 25 pts I need. I helped my son Darius get into his college space so we could check on his status, that is looking good except for the change in residence hasn’t come through yet with his financial aid. I also looked up classes for him to take. All of them music classes for the moment. I’m trying to get him to at least take those and then finish the general courses later. Anything to get him started.

This year  in bible study we are doing the Divine Drama from Crossways  it looks really good but a lot of work. We will see how long I can balance everything. I decided to take this study as it is close, fairly cheap $22.00, and I felt that I needed spiritual feeding since I’m still leading MOPS for this year and a women’s circle. 

I need to get off here and do my film guide but I clipped my eye today with my goggles and now it hurts and has a nice blood spot  in it. The film is online and i need to watch it again to get the answers correct. 😦 I also need to get those gesture drawings done so that they aren’t hanging over my head. I have to go buy my supplies still and won’t have time to do everything at this rate. Ok, I’m off to get something done.


5 thoughts on “Busy week

  1. You are so busy!

    I hope you are able to continue with the bible study as well as your other commitments.

    Wonderful that you son is working towards his college degree. I hope he is able to get into the classes that he is interested in right now.

    I’m sorry you hurt your eye. Praying you heal quickly and are able to maintain your schedule. HUGS!


    If you EVER hear/see me complaining about my “hectic” life… please borrow Tanya’s noodle… and WHACK me good!

    HOW do you do it???

    Please, bottle some of it up for the rest of us, whatever it is. LOL


  3. A lot of prayer and quite a bit of compartmentalizing…..everything goes into a place and I pull it out in time to get it done. I’m so glad that you are blogging I’ve missed you.

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