tonight while visiting with my dear friend Colleen my neighbor across the hall came over and needed to talk to me. She shared that her ex husband is bi polar and in the manic stage. She wanted me to know so that if he shows up here I will call 911 for her. I gave her some advice hopefully she will take it. Unfortunately, I know more than I would like to about domestic violence. She is a very nice lady but I didn’t realize that she trusted me so much. I’m honored to know that but sad at the same time that she would have to share something so personal in fear. My heart cries for her, i remember just how terrified I was when dealing with my ex husband both during and after the divorce. 

On a side note, she is just another reminder of why the Lord has laid it on my heart to go back to school. i both love it and hate it. *I’m so human*, I love the learning, i know that this is what the Lord wants me to do, but it is so hard and I miss being a stay at home mom. It is hard to balance homeschooling, parenting so many children and being a college student. I want to do a bible study but  am worried about the time commitment.  


2 thoughts on “trust

  1. God put you in this apartment complex for a reason and perhaps this is it. I pray that you never have to make that call for her but I’m glad that God has put you there, how many neighbors would do this?

    I know that you will be blessed by being so obedient to the Lord’s calling. 🙂

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