Upcoming Week

don’t look for me much after tomorrow, we will have swim lessons in the morning. While in the evening, Kendra, Noah and Adrien will be doing Upwards Camp from 6-9pm, this will be a busy week at least until Friday morning. Friday afternoon will be our Information Day. Next Saturday we will be going to the bugfest. That should be lots of fun for the kids. Sunday will be spent relaxing for Monday the start of our new school year. My sign is printed and inside a page protector to be taped to the door while we are doing school. I still need to see about adding voice mail to my phone. Oh yes, this week will also be spent picking up those things that haven’t been bought. Have a great week everyone!!!!!!!

PS~ I’m just amazed at how fast this summer has gone by.


One thought on “Upcoming Week

  1. I’m w/you about the summer going by so fast! :surprise: Wasn’t it just May? 😕

    I still don’t have everything that we need but we started today anyway. Have a great week. I look forward to reading how it all went and your start next Monday. I’ll be blogging about our first day later today.

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