The upcoming week

Sunday, slept in we had a bad night with the two younger ones. Dropped Kendra off at church so that she could attend a youth function. Then we took the kids for a nature hike on the O&E Canal. Great history there by the way. We are reading about the O&E this year. I want to hike a different part of it later this fall. We had spagetti with italian sausage for dinner, I had a salad with mine. I still need to pick up Kendra and I’m so tired.

Monday~ the boys have a make up day for swim lessons from last week. Tommy will have to come home from the church to sleep and then go do his magazine job as I’m going to the homebirth meeting to see my friends. We will probably go out to eat afterwards.

Tuesday~ I have a meeting with a woman wanting to start a MOPS group at her church. I also need to run the forms over to CVCC for the upwards camp for the kids.

Weds. ~ I’m not sure yet.

Thursday is our long day, Tommy works, 3 jobs and we barely see him.

Friday~ I am finally getting those wisdom teeth pulled so that I’m not in pain anymore.

Saturday~ we will be going swimming for sure, it is supposed to be very hot again by then.

So that is my upcoming week to a certain extent.


2 thoughts on “The upcoming week

  1. Hopefully all goes as planned. I had my wisdom teeth pulled at 18… they thought it would help my migraine suffering.

    I have an opinion on that! 😆

    Hopefully all goes well!

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