Acolyte with an assistent.

So today was Kendra’s first time to acolyte in church. We got her robed helped her remember how to light the candles, she did that fine then I sent her to the back of the sanctuary to get the cross. She was standing there waiting with Pastor Doug and Pastor Cynthia. Noah was hanging out with her, Taking pictures *we need to give him as lesson on picture taking*. When Pastor Doug says to Noah, “do you want to walk down with her and sit with her today?” I laughed at him and said “don’t encourage him, he will.” PD~ “that’s ok, he has that cool shirt on”, Noah was wearing the tshirt that we bought him at Camp Mowana, “God is Calling”. So I asked Noah if he wanted to stay with Kendra? I guess came the reply. So he processed with her and then sat with her the whole service. I will post a picture later on. It was so cute to see him doing everything that she did. Even standing in line for communion with the Pastor and lay assisting ministers. This was a great experience for him. There is not a doubt in my mind that we are gradually preparing Noah to be called as a Pastor one day. I asked him what he thought about it and he said it was fun and could he do it again. Hopefully he will enjoy confirmation classes when he gets to that point, in 3 years.


5 thoughts on “Acolyte with an assistent.

  1. It is part of our confirmation process, simply meaning they are put on the church schedule to light the candles on the alter, process into/out of the sanctuary carrying the cross. Help with the collection plates. It will be a bit more clear when I can post pictures of them sitting there.

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