Getting ready

Today I spent time putting the subject divider pages into page protectors for the boys. I had to alter one for a page for awards that the boys get. Like the summer reading club at church, I also put their swim lessons papers in there. Then I put about 6 page protectors behind each subject divider so that as we do work it goes into the page protectors and then I don’t have to panic in May when it is evaluation time. Oh yes, I almost forgot I had to make a divider for Latin. I also went over the latin lessons to figure out the scheduling today. I marked the pages in the books by days, day 1, day 2, etc. Then I wrote out the weekly schedule on a 4×6 index card and will laminate it and put it into his binder so that way he doesn’t get confused about what to do. I need to do that for his math since we are switching to Saxon 65 this year. These two subjects are on dvd. I will be at college when he does them. I will have two weeks before I start to make sure he understands the process of everything. If he runs into a problem he will have to do the work for homework when I get home that day.

So how is everyone’s planning going? Are you excited about the year yet? I’m getting there in spite of the fact i know how hard it will be.


3 thoughts on “Getting ready

  1. My planning is coming along. I’ve got the first quarter for both kids’ history done. The boy’s first quarter of science and math. I have the rest still to do.

    I’ve made the year calendar and figure that we’ll be done by the end of May but we’ll be doing more days of school that PS.

  2. We’re still homeschooling. One of the let-downs of being year-rounders; along with no big planning sessions, no big school supply shopping sprees, no major curric purchases with the excitement of the arrival of the box.

    You have planned well, especially having the 2 weeks with your children before you restart your courses.

    (love your crest!)

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