Today will be spent cleaning and maybe starting Noah’s science experiments. Although I need to order apologia’s botany…..story will be written here I really need to decide whether I should take another class this fall or if it will be too much? Maybe something easy, like the art appreciation class, or if I should just bite the bullet and take the math class? I’m leaning toward taking it easy this fall and then maybe adding another class in the spring. I guess I’m getting impatient to get moving with my degree. I should pull out the material I have for dresses and start on them just to get rid of the material. I’m not sure if I like the pattern that I have though so that is an issue. We will be home most of the day unless I take the kids to the park this evening, this is the husband’s long day. I’m updating the checkbook. I alaso need ot watch the MOPS planning dvd, I hope I get some motivation for this year soon. Well, this has been a modge podge of information.


3 thoughts on “Boring……..

  1. I vote for easy. Looking back at my last semester of school, I wish I would have gone the easy route. It’s all too easy to get bogged down and burnt out.

    It sounds like you’re more busy than bored.

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