So today started way too early as Camryn woke me up 2x last night and Caedmon more times than I remember. We usually hit the 9 am service on sundays as I dislike the contemporary service at 11am. So we get to church with 5 kids in tow. Only to find out that Pastor Doug is back and we are installing our new assistant minister, the installation to be done by the Bishop’s assistant no less. (aka, my husband’s cousins, assistant)
Most of you don’t know about the quirky relationship my Pastor and I have, we are much more like siblings than Pastor and member. So today, after service, he was at my door to shake hands(we have 3 doors leading out of the sanctuary) I tried to sneak past him while he was chatting with an elderly gentleman, no go, he caught me and laughed. Tommy was laughing too. So we rushed home finished getting things together for Noah and then took the kids swimming for one session. I feel dehydrated and slightly burnt now. We then met up with Eric who is sending his grandson to camp and Austin will be in the same cabin with Noah. So we drove down to the camp about 70 miles away with me in the lead as I had a fair idea of where we were going. We get there, stow the boys things on the truck to be delivered to the cabin. Go up to check in the boys and run into Pastor Doug, and a few other families, from our church. So we were asked if Eric and Us came together? not quite we drove separately, somehow P. Doug realized that I was the leader of the drive and he said to me ” so you were leading, somehow I’m not surprised”. He has definitely taken on the role of older brother who antagonizes. I just looked and laughed. But later when Eric and I were checking in the boys, I mentioned that man, he laughed and said, which one? the tall one? I almost growled at the point and said of course the tall one, he is also getting my goat.” To which Eric replied, he enjoys it. We forgot to bring cash or checkbook. So Eric paid for Noah’s camp picture, of course we will return the favor by friday when we see him. I would like to buy Noah a camp shirt then also. So we gathered up all the children and walked up to the boys cabin.

Down the sidewalk, where I accidentally let Cami, skin her knees (oops), over the parking lot, down by the path past the pool, across the street to the trail, down the earth made steps that were reinforced with rail road ties. To a rickety tiny boardwalk, up the trail then with roots and rocks everywhere. Then past a paved are with hoops for the kids and a few cabins as well as the bathrooms. We found Noah and Austin’s cabin. Met their counselor, chatted a bit, took a few pictures and then walked back to the van. Still chatting with Eric. then P. Doug comes down to see if we were both going to be there on friday to pick up the boys as he is leaving after the confirmation kids camp ends. Which is almost 4 hours before the rest of the closing stuff. So yes, we will be there and no we don’t need you to stay. I took the opportunity to remind him that We would be leaving for Va. next sunday to which I got a dismayed look and the question, When are you leaving? Sunday after Noah gets back from camp. He was a bit disappointed as I won’t be there to hear the kids who went to Key West for a youth thing speak. Sorry Doug. I’m taking a vacation with my children. So we left the camp and I drove home. Oh yes, I should tell you about Camryn, who got to the van and started crying, she didn’t want to leave her Noah there, he would be gone for 5 years, and that is her favorite brother from when she was a baby. She has been very whiny tonight, I hope that she gets into a better mood by tomorrow. Well, day 1 is almost at a close, I’m that much closer to picking up my son.


2 thoughts on “Sunday.

  1. 5 years uh? That is so Camy…..tell her she is coming to Auntie G’s and will have lots of fun……

    Colleen is getting her room ready for the older two…she is kinda nervous and exicted. Lets pray they hit it off….or your room will be a little cramped….lol!!!

    Charlie and Robbie are wanting to do one of two things….sleep in the living room or have me borrow Wendi’s 3 person tent and let the boys sleep out in the backyard. Of course Zeus and Dudley will have to be on patrol if we do that…..Let me know what your boys would like to do….if so bring sleeping bags if you have them……

    Better Yet!!!! We’ll kick the girls outside to sleep in the tent….Hmmmmmm šŸ˜‰

    They could take turns……You have to try to stay long enough for Charlene to come…..

    For being such a horrible and bad person….I seem to not be able to rid myself of house guest’s this summer(I’m loving it)….they are clamoring to come back and visit and a couple more are planning to visit.
    Jessica and the new baby will be down in July also….

    I will call you in the afternoon…..

  2. I understand you missing Ds. We are getting ready to take Dd to camp tomorrow. We will be in the area, but she will be at camp w/out us.

    It sounds like you are going to have a great time visiting with Ginger! We always enjoy spending time with them!

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