I’m back to being half human. Spent two days feeling as if i were hit by a mack truck. Poor Noah was sick also. He had a tough time at swim lessons today. Hopefully tomorrow will see us at 100%. I need to find my list of things I need to pick up yet for his trip to camp. Oh there it is…. right where it should be. I will go shopping either tomorrow or saturday for those things. most likely saturday. Kendra should be coming over tonight I hope. I need to get her to the rec dept. so that we can get her a pool pass. There must be storms coming in I feel a dip i the temp and a cooler breeze. The older girls are still knitting. I took Kendra to my knit/crochet club at church on tuesday. I learned something new…….to get a more even straighter edge you can slip the first stitch of every row then start with your patter. I also had Eleanor show me again the k1p1 stitch I kept messing it up for some reason. It looks much better now. I’m hoping to stop at the yarn store soon like by monday if I can. It just depends on how the next 2 days go around here.

Other news? I do have some but am afraid to say much about it yet. Will fill you all in asap. It is good news for the most part but don’t want to count my chickens so to speak. Ok, I’m out of here to go do some planning. I hear thunder…..


3 thoughts on “Current

  1. okay so I understand about the whole counting your chickens things inquiring minds want to… really I hope all is well with you, that you all remain healthy, and that Noah has a wonderful time at camp.

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