How we came to use Sonlight

My husband now, (if you recall from the last entry, I”m divorced and remarried) and I were over visiting my good friend Di and her family a few days after our wedding. She showed me a magazine article on Sonlight, asked me to read it and what I thought. I loved it, the only thing I didn’t like was their math programs at the time. I told her that if Tommy and I had children I would use it for them.Little did I know at the time that I that I would be pregnant a week or so later. At some point I ordered the catalog, and read it cover to cover. I still loved it. So when Noah was 3 turning 4 we started with Sonlight Preschool. We have been using Sonlight ever since successfully. We love history as a result of it. My Noah being dyslexic thrives on being read to. I truly feel that the Lord put that magazine in Di’s hand for us. Even before I knew that we were having a child and long before I knew he would be dyslexic. A great reminder that the Lord knows us before we know him.


2 thoughts on “How we came to use Sonlight

  1. That is interesting how God worked and used your friend to help you not only decide to homeschool but which curriculum to use when the time came.

    What did you use when you homeschooled the older kids?

  2. Oh, I think I have used the gamut~ Abeka, Alpha Omega, Konos, curriculum I put together from a used school supply company. Saxon, Miquon, Moving With Math.

    I counted up my years of homeschooling~ we are at 12.5 hitting 13 next spring. Add another 16 years for Caedmon. I should be a pro by then.

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