Just how the Lord blesses us

So Noah wants to continue with Story of the world, however with my return to college; I have so little time to add it in. I decided to get the audio version. Hmmm it costs $55. new. 😦 So I went to ebay and found it almost new in the original packaging for $35. so I told my husband that I would like to order it after we see what will happen with NACA and buying a house. Well today I went to sell back my sociology book as I’m done with it and received $33.00 for it. So with kicking in a few dollars Noah gets his cd’s. I will have to scrimp for the activity pages but it is so worth it. I will have to save up for the volume 4 cd’s also but hopefully, they will be bought sometime for just as good a price. So that is today’s testimony of the Lord working in our lives. Noah is very excited.


3 thoughts on “Just how the Lord blesses us

  1. That’s great !!!!

    Good luck on Wednesday’s exam….I know you will do awesome….in spite of the interruptions….and the cat and the door and the rain and the phone….okay, I’ll stop.:)

  2. That is great that you got such a great deal and especially that you were able to get a good price on selling back your soc. book. I always sold back the books that I knew I would never look at again. I did keep a couple that I really liked, not that I’ve used them much since they are packed away in boxes that are under the house. πŸ™„

    I look forward to reading later on that you did well with the exam today. πŸ™‚

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