more knitting with Jasmine…..

so she brought her knitting back last night she had worked on it not a lot but some however she had made a few mistakes so I ripped it out for her and then did a couple of rows to get her back on track. She is coming over after school so maybe I can get her to work on it some more. I know that the bigger it gets the more she will want to work on it. She is also reading Blow Out by Catherine Coulter. It is an FBI thriller. She had to read a fiction book and that was the one she picked. She said she likes it. Ok, out of here gotta get the boys to do some work and I have to get my stuff ready for class. Today is my religion presentation, it was the Baha’i faith.


2 thoughts on “more knitting with Jasmine…..

  1. I am starting to teach Dd to knit. It is rather interesting as I don’t know much! She is left handed so that presents a bit of a problem also.
    I hope Jasmine continues knitting and gets excited about it.

    OH…I like the songs you have right now! Very soothing!

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