Dec. 01, 2006

We have had a difficult time getting into the swing of school this year. Some days go smoothly, others don’t. We did however go to Va for 10 days to visit a friend of mine. That was fun and much needed. Then we stopped for 2 days in Pa to see another friend in Lancaster, PA. So we saw lots of Amish horse and buggies as well as a brief stop in Valley Forge. That was really cool to see. We plan on going back to Va next year sometime in between my college semesters. Oh I forgot to mention that I’m returning back to school while homeschooling my little ones. It will be hectic to do but I’m only taking 2 classes in Jan. all in the afternoon so we will do the bulk of our schooling in the morning and finish whatever we need to in the evening.

I’m pretty excited now that the fear has worn off. Well gotta go. I need to plan next weeeks lessons.


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