Where to begin? Hmmm, the couselor was late but very nice. Rick was right I really did like her a great deal. We went over my credits and figured out what would convert over.

My english and speech credits are done clap.gif
all three of my psych’s convert over but since it has changed so much I’m repeating the last one which was Human Growth and Development.

We discussed my math. I will have to take math up to a statistics course. So I’m going to review my math and then go take the placement test. pray.gif That I do well and only have to take 3 math courses. Depending on where I place on the test the least is 3 courses. My old chem class will be counted towards my degree clap.gif

So that means I will have to fill up the arts/humanity’s credits and then work on the 20 credits of second level classes. Most of which will be more psych classes that I will double check for transferring to ursuline.

It doesn’t seem quite so overwhelming now. She said that I have to get at least b’s to raise my gpa. I’m praying/working for a few A’s instead.

I ran into Rick again on the way out and we talked for a bit. I feel better about school.

Now I just need the Lord to provide a job for my husband……By December 8th.


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