Oct. 12, 2006

You know that I had been sitting on turning in my application to college. Well today Tommy, the kids and I went to drop it off. The whole way there I was whining about doing it. *typical me when I’m not in my comfort zone* As we were walking in the hallway, who do I run into but Rick Haas, he goes to my church and has looked at some of my writing. *and liked it* When he realized how nervous I was and how I was dragging my feet, he took me by the arm and dragged me around the college, turning in the application, up to financial aid, showed me all the new cool things that had changed. he gave up most of his lunch for me!!! Introduced me as a friend that was suffering cold feet, told me to quit whining laugh.gif whistling.gif In all was just wonderful about the whole thing.

I knew that he worked there but never even dreamed that I would run into him much less thought of asking him for help. The chances of running into Rick today was so incredible that I’ve no doubt that I”m supposed to go back to school whatsoever. I even made an appointment to see a couselor and look over my other credits. The only problem there is they are quarter hours not semesters. Rick went with me and asked who was available for that time slot of couseling~and then loved the person who it was~ looked at me and said ‘You will love Debbie’. I came home and filled out the form to have a transcript of my GED sent ~again, after 21 yrs of being gone they needed a new one. Financial Aid had my fafsa already. I filled out the last two forms. But I think they need my transcripts for some reason or another for something~ dunno.gif Rick even showed me where his office was if I needed anything. Gave me a lecture off how great it was that I was doing this, and how it is God’s plan for me.

So there you have it. God does use us as unsuspecting angels when we least expect it.

I stopped at the church afterwards to get some copies made and relayed the incident to Janet the secretary. She laughed and loved the story of how God works.


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