Oct. 10, 2006

Well, we knew this day was coming but it is stil a blow to our senses. The grocery store that Tommy works for and has for 31 years has been up for sale since june. We just heard tonight that the competition store has bough 18 out of 46 stores. One of them being my husband’s. We have no idea how many people will be laid off. The store higher ups are trying to say that they are ‘working ‘ to save as many jobs as possible. Ha where have I heard that before?

So tomorrow will have my husband and I studying for his CDL test as a backup. The store that bought his will probably keep most of the night crew. but we just dont know for sure. The idiot manager called as soon as the news broke, but she didn’t have much info and tried to say that everything was going to be fine. Ha~ again, she hasn’t been in the grocery business very long.

Life is never easy here in my house. Just when I think we are beating satan, he throw us for a loop. But we will perservere with the grace of God.


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