oday was packed with things to do and I’m not anywhere near done. Today was the first MOPS meeting of the year that I was in charge. I got to church at 8:43am to start setting up. By myself. None of the steering team got there until almost 9:15am, by that time I had moved the tables put on the table cloths, made the coffee and set up the snack table. In other words did just about everything that needed to be done.

I really don’t mind but have to wonder what they will do when I’m no longer there. I guess there will be many eyes opened as to what I really did do. The actual meeting went fine. I stopped to tell Pastor Doug a mini report. We visited for a few minutes and I heard that rumor has it that Tommy’s cousin Liz is a potential candidate for our new Bishop. A woman, banana.gif I’m kind of excited and think it is wonderful. I know that many of you won’t agree but Liz is a terrific Pastor and is married to a Episcopal Priest. They are terrific people and we so enjoy our family get together’s with them.

I got home only to have to talk to my friend Sheila Ann, that woman needs to fill up her life with Jesus. she is religious but not living her whole life with Jesus in her heart. She seems to be missing something. I think that is one of the reasons we are friends. But she hasn’t figured out that yet.

Did some school work with the boys will have to do quite a bit tomorrow and thursday in hope of catching up a bit.

Did some cleaning, the kitchen is cleaned from dinner but everytime I pick up books Caedmon takes them off the shelves again. dead.gif

I played two games of Candyland with Camryn and Adrien tonight also. Did my bible study and will try to be awake to watch L&O tonight with Noah.

Have to grade his math test. I let him out to play for about 40 minutes this evening. He is in much better spirits now.

Today was packed full but I feel good about the amount of work that got done.


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