My friend Tammy called me yesterday after not calling for about 7 weeks but that is pretty normal for us. I was beginning to worry about her but had erased her number from my caller id and she is the one that calls me because of her unlimited long distance.

She had a stroke and couldn’t call me. She is only 29 or 30 * can’t remember, her age never semed important*. I’m incredibly sad over this. She has had such a rough life and now this. She said she is doing better, that she is home and taking speech therapy. I could understnad most of what she said even onver the phone so that is good. The drs. still have no clue why or what caused the stroke. They have located where in her brain it happened. But that is about it. Her prognosis is good I think.

We are going to see her on saturday. I’m going to take her a copy of the christian cd I listen to all the time. Some flowers and a picture of the kids.*she loves my little ones* I asked if she needed anything but she said no. I wonder if there is something else I can bring to help her out? Maybe dinner? but I don’t know if she is on a special diet or how hard eating is for her.

Well, that’s all I can think of to write about right now. If you get a moment please say a prayer for her speedy recovery.


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