Sept. 08, 2006

oday, we went on a nature hike. We stopped into the nature center to get our free walking works kit for Tommy and I along with our hiking sticks for $2.00 each. There was a female naturalist just coming outside as we got there. I asked her what she was looking for and sure enough she was there to count butterflies, *this had popped in my head before I asked her*.

She was ever so sweet she caught a butterfly for me to take a picture of but it was a he and he was very scared. So she let him go and then caught another one for us to see up close. This one was also a male, but much more friendly. She showed us how to tell the male from the female butterflies. How they tag them and track them. Oh yes, she let Adrien hold him for a second and release him back up in the air. That was very cool. Noah woulnd’t do it though even when offered. She also told the boys how to tell a male bumblebee from a female. Then we went inside and checked it out. It was just beautiful. So many things to see. The theme was the time frame of the reservation. They had a picture of the Underground Railroad along with a set of actual shackles. *I liked seeing them but hated the fact that they were used*

Then we went on our walk. It was a great day for one as it is warm and sunny. I’m hoping that the rain will hold off until tomorrow afternoon so that we can go on another one. 3 walks down 13 to go.


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