August 21, 2006

Last week was so hard on both the boys and myself, we only did part of the work. So this week we are getting more serious about our schooling and it is taking a priority.

Noah seems to have a harder time focusing with Adrien at the table . Adrien tlaks while he works and he works so slow. I thiught at times that Noah was a bit slow, Ha, not compared to Adrien.

Adrien just doesn’t seem ready to learn in a structured environment yet. But he is oging to have to do a bit of it for now. I just do’nt have the time to change his curriculum right now. We use sonlight for him, so much of his work is read to him. But his phonics and math are sticking points at the moment. Even so they aren’t very in depth or even too hard for him. He just seems to poke around too much.

I hope that he gets with the program soon and settles down. Camryn is listening in and learning her phonics sounds with Adrien. So I hope that next year she will do fine without so much work to teach her to read.

We will have no school tomorrow, I have a MOPS meeting and the boys were invited to a birthday party. So they will have to double up on weds and thurs. to make up for it. Or they will be doing work on saturday.

I hope our lives slow down a bit soon so that I can get us into a rhythem of homeschooling again.

The boys did well with their swim lessons this year. Adrien passed levels 1,2 and 3 the first time through. Noah passed level 4 after 2 tries which is still good. He took one session of level 5 and did fairly well but will need to repeat it sometime in the school year when I have the money.

Well, I have to round up Noah, I want to read his chapter of ‘Red Sails to Capri’ it is very good, but a bit long in the chapters.


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