August 15, 2006

The retreat was wonderful, I learned alot but am still overwhelmed with the amount of learning stuffed into such a small amount of time. I have also started back to school with the kids, although we are not doing everything this week, just math, phonics/reading, history and science. No grammar or spelling this week.

God sure has been making it easy to fulfill a couple of the obligations that I have to him from the weekend. I’ll explain more later.

I’m still very tired, I wasn’t sleeping well even before the retreat and slept even less there. I also ddin’t eat very well there since I’m such a picky eater blush.gif . So now my blood sugar is off quite a bit very easily at the moment.

I have a MOPS steering team meeting tomorrow and will have to do school in the afternoon. sad.gif That will mess up part of my day. Tommy is off tomorrow night and we have to go to the swim program for the boys swim lessons.

I may not be here very much in the next few weeks, my life seems to be on overload and it is not going to get any better any time soon.


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