August 08, 2006

only 2 days before I leave and I still have so much to do help2.gif The boys have swim lesson still this week and Tommy has to get some sleep, I have things to buy still and then wash and pack. So this is the list of things needed and things that have to be done then I can at least come back and make sure I did everything.

exchange pj bottoms at Old Navy, ~done
return the jeans I bought for Kendra ~done
clean breastpump and pack it ~done
buy personal care items for trip ~done
shampoo, toothpaste, mouthwash,socks, underwear, ziploc bags for packing personal items, towels and washcloth, scrunchi’s, brush, conditioner, face wash,

make sure to pack sanitary items *period is due on thursday stunned.gif * on the table
figure out what to wear???????? for 4 days yet…….make sure the clothing is clean whistling.gif In process
pack said clothing ~done except for clothing that is in the washer.
make sure I buy flashlight and have batteries for it. ~done
pick up two more cards for Tommy and the kids to leave behind for ~done sunday~found one but not 2 for them. I will write them a note on card stock I think to find.
pack a sheet along with my pillows and sleeping bag ~done
drop Tommy and the kids off at southpark mall while I pick up the needed items at Target ~done
try not to spend the next two days crying over leaving my little ones for almost 4 days. ~working on it.
dont’ forget your bible ~got it
make sure we eat at the dinner table tomorrow night so I can say the prayers. ~done
pick up Darius’ check, get it cashed and pay chris his $100. ~done
Stop at the library I have a book waiting for me there. Tommy will do this
hug my kids alot and my husband, *not in that order*
Pick up masking tape and label everything ~working on it
pack extra plastic bags for dirty clothing. ~got them
I’m sure I’m forgetting something

aha~ vitamins and my aspirin~put into bag for pump so I remember to take them. ~got them

I need help……..


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