July 17, 2006

After reading Sumi’s post about changes in the air. I realized just how blessed I am in my husband. He is so very supportive of my homeschooling and I am very grateful. The Lord laid homeschooling my children upon my heart even with my older ones but satan came in and used it for his gain in my previous marriage. Before Tommy and I got married I told him that if we had any children that I would homeschool them and how did he feel about that? I listened to his concerns and then proceeded to educate him about homeschooling and it’s pro’s and con’s. He met homeschooled family’s and read and listened to me.

The end result being that he is incredibly supportive of homeschooling our children He even told me just a couple of days ago how glad he was that our children were getting a great education and not the “crappy” one that he received in our city’s public schools.

I’m even more grateful that the Lord has laid homeschooling upon both of our hearts together. Life is so much easier since we are on the same page with the educational needs of our children.

Tommy and I have our issues but this is not one of them and it is nice to realize that. smile.gif


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