June 16, 2006

I did spend some time on weds. night planning for the next year. I have decided that Tommy needs to be a bit more active in our homeschooling. So with that thought in mind, I planned out 4 history projects and 4 science projects~ topic, due date and a few suggestions ie: lapbook, poster, diorama, Whatever they like. I’m hoping to do the same with Adrien and Camryn this year also. The trick is too not have the projects fall too close together to Noah’s.

I have mapped out what subjects for what days, changed SL’s schedule for CHOW to SOW. I still need to decide if I’m adding in visual perceptual skills or not. I think it may help Noah with his dyslexia to have the added practice.

I still need to work on Adrien and Camryn’s work. I’m combining them for history, science, read alouds and phonics and a bit of math this year I think. The only difference is I won’t have Cami do any workbooks just yet. But the more I combine them the easier it will be to school with SL and 4 kids. smile.gif

I need to touch base with Pastor Doug and see if they have found a children’s choir director as ours is leaving in a couple of weeks. Or else I need to add in something for music omg2.gif


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