May 08, 2006

‘ve been taking my walks. I walk either 2 or 3 miles depending on what is going on that day. The path that I walk has quite a few inclines and declines so I get to work out many of my leg mucles. It is nice to get some “me” time. I’ve been needing that lately. I put in my christian rock cd and walk and sing. whistling.gif I think I’m losing inches somewhere as my clothes are fitting a bit better but my legs seem to be getting bigger stunned.gif Like I needed that to happen dunno.gif I can tell that I’m getting stronger now though as I can walk up the big hill at a fair rate and make it up. I’m trying to walk 2 miles on MWF and 3 miles on TTH. But we are supposed to get T-storms this week so we will see what happens.

I am cutting back on my caffiene again. I only had one coke today. I did however have Tommy bring me home some pink lemonade to drink instead. That has really helped me. I am drinking a bit more water also but still need to get more into me. I have a bit of a headache right now. twitchsmile.gif I guess more water is in order.

Maybe a snack to move blood to my stomach instead of my head laugh.gif


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