March 31, 2006

We went to the zoo yesterday for a few hours. It was so beautiful outside, sunny warm just a gorgeous spring day. I showed the boys a school of fish in one of the aquarium tanks that had quite a few different fish in it. There was this one kind that just kept swimming in a school of about 5 or 6. They would meet up with others like them and then split only to meet up again a few seconds later. It was very cool to watch. Of course they saw the clown fish. They liked the shark tank the best I think though. Then last night we had choir practice. It was long since they have so much new music for the Easter season. Today we have a bit of school and a intro to karate lesson~ more of a gym lesson with a bit of karate in it, But Noah likes it and it is affordable. He will be able to play with my friends boys and that is good.


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