March 14, 2006

Yesterday I started my day with a brief jump here and then started working on my MOPS stuff and doing school with Noah. Made tons of phone calls concerning MOPS and then waited for the return calls. Didn’t even notice that the phone wasn’t ringing much but was so busy with getting school done and cleaing and making dinner. Finally I went to go call someone and lo and behold no dial tone. So Tom had to run to his mom’s to callt he phone company. They said they would try to get someone out last night but that didn’t happen as the rain came in. It took most of today to get it up and running but fortunately it is wokring now.

Oh yes, Cami and Noah have a stomach virus and neither Tom or I feel good either. So today was spent cleaning and taking care of sick children. But I see some light at the end of the tunnel the place is looking a bit better. Maybe by tomorrow it will be even better. Still need to find time to get into those bedrooms though they are the pits again. But will wait until the kids feel better to get them done.


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