Feb. 25, 2006

My baby is growing up, he is becoming so mobile and just older. I know by now that all babies do grow up but this is very sad for me….. he is so little compared to other babies that I forget how old he is already. Plus my the other children that Tommy and I have were not interested in moving, Cami didn’t crawl until she was 10 and a half months  Then there is Caedmon who crawled over to the filing cabinet grabbed the handle and tried to pull himself up to stand.  Fortunately he is still a bit too weak to do so. But he is definitely trying.

Last night while the kids and I were watching a movie and Tommy was getting ready for work. Caedmon saw Tommy held out his hands and was making all kinds of sounds, it really sounded as if he was trying to talk to his daddy. So Noah says ” Mom this kid thinks he is grown up already!”

Where did my baby go and why do they spend so little time as infants? and so much time as bigger kids? Just really not fair………..


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