I found it !!!

I finally found a grammar program for 3rd. grade that I like.
this has been much on my mind, since FLL~level 3 won’t be done in time for us to use it. So I have been researching programs, looked at Sonlights LA~ hated it too hard for my dyslexic son. LLAL~ couldn’t find any sample pages, didn’t want to buy it sight unseen. I knew that I wouldn’t like Rod & Staff, again a bit too hard for Noah. Somewhere I heard about Growing With Grammar, went back to the website and looked again at the sample pages and the lessons. Then I saw that the author hopes to have 4th and 5 th grade donw by the end of the year. That was a plus, as I don’t like changing curriculums all the time. I feel that is where you get the gaps in learning. So today we called the number and the author answered the phone!!!! Very interesting, we talked she is so nice, I immediately loved her. So we will be going with her grammar books at least until 8th grade. As she said that she plans to write at least until then. Which is perfect for us. I’m so excited and relieved. She has also used FLL and really has a grip on teaching grammar to younger children in general and boys specifically.

We made it through school today, I’m still really tired and the kids just aren’t bouncing back as quickly as I would like. Noah still needs to do some math and read to me but we will do that later tonight. He must also draw the digestive system for science but that doesn’t have to be done tonight. I’m making him do more drawing to help him retain what we are learning. Well gotta go as the baby is having a fit, we aren’t holding him at the moment.


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