Cold, Wet and Rainy

It is cold here today, along with dark and rainy/misty. We got up a bit earlier but had so much stuff to do before we could start we still started late.

Oh well, I guess it is not as important when we start as that we are doing our work.

School is going amazingly well at the moment. Noah is not complaining or anything. So nice to have a child excited about learning.

He still has to read for me tonight and finish a math page. I still want him to do some science drawings about the human body and illness. I’m just going to have him look at the pictures in “What Makes You Ill?” and freehand draw them.

After we were done we took them to Wendy’s for lunch. They had gift certificates from their godmother. Then we walked over to the second hand furniture store, that was fun looking at all the neat stuff they have in there. We saw a player piano. Noah would like to learn how to play piano but I can’t even get a used one since we live in an apartment on the 3rd floor. We hope to rent a duplex if not this year than next and then maybe get a used piano.

Then we stopped in the library. I found a book called ” Squeaky chalk and other fun things to draw when there is nothing to do.” It looks so cute. Noah seemed excited with it. It has easy lessons to learn how to draw. I can’t wait until we have a moment to try them.


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