January 04, 2006

Well, we woke up late once again today. I don’t know what is wrong with us, we haven’t slept this late in months. Then I had to return a phone call about my dd jasmine and her poor attitude on xmas eve service. She has a severe attitude problem at times and we are really working on it with her but she lives with her dad who has a personality disorder and is no help whatsoever.

So when we finally started we were way behind today. We did everything except for the read aloud. Not bad. Noah is studying abbreviations in grammar and I keep giving him history dates for copywork.  One way to get them into his head.

I taught him how to check his addition problems today. He just looked at me as if to say”why?” I told him to just do it, he at least needed to learn how to check them.

Tomorrow we start reading “The Grand Cat”, we went over some of the new sight words. They are pretty hard. I’m guessing that it will take us a couple of days to get through it and then we will have to reread it for comprehension.

Oh well I need to go and get a few things done yet.


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