Novemeber 27, 2005

We finished the nature hikes we needed to get our walking stick and shield. The boys were so excited. You had to walk 8 out of 13 hikes to get the shield. Since we were first time hikers we also go the walking stick. Some things we saw~ huge two story rock formations that were growing moss, a stone quarry, a turkey buzzard, a black squirrel, tons of leaves, we saw a river that was running through hills, hence the name of the hike”Overlook”. The last hike was at the nature realm, where you turn in your forms, there we saw a rock and herb garden, kind of bare since it was mid-november by that time. The building housed a taxidermy display of animals native to the area. That was very cool to see I took pictures of things that we saw but couldn’t get a picture of. I tallied up our miles we had hiked 11.4 miles in 12 days. We didnt’ find out about the hikes until nov. 03 and they had to be done by nov. 30. But the Lord gave us some great weather, we only got lost once and we made great memories with the children and each other.

We have finally caught up in everything except for grammar. So we are taking a break from school until the new year. Although I might finish out the grammar just to get it out of the way. Since Noah is dyslexic and struggles with reading I’m making him read to me everyday his beginning reader’s. I can’t wait until he can read without struggling so much. But I do see such an improvement over last year.

We will be studying Ancient Greece and Rome in January. I’m getting a bit tired of the “ancients”. Will be glad when we finish this year in june and move onto medieval. sometime during our break I need to plan out the rest of the year. Although, the schedule in place seems to be working fairly well. I might need to tweak it a bit here and there. As we did add in spelling and a bit of home ec stuff. Like helping with dishes and laundry. Very important life skills in my opinion.

Another thing we are really working hard on at the moment is family dinnertime. My husband works nights and sometimes was in bed before we had dinner, I wasn’t with family dinners so I have had a terible time getting used to them. But the kids seem to eat better and behave better, now we just have to be consistent with them. We have also really cut back on their tv time. another very difficult thing to work around, we had to use the tv more during my pregnancy since I was on bedrest for so long. I’m praying that I dont’ get sick for awhile.

Well, I must get moving on tonight as I still have to supervise some cleaning and getting ready for bed.


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