Oct. 03, 2005

Well, here we are into October already and I have sick kiddoes and 5 birthdays. 2 of them this week. I have already bought Adrien and Noah their gifts~ they got Imaginext dinosaurs. But I have to get Kendra and Jasmine something still. I’m thinking clothes. Hopefully as cheap as possible. will probably bake a cake on friday for Ace and Kendra.

Today we blew off school and took the kids to the zoo for awhile. Poor Noah has fluid in his ear and is having a hard time hearing so I’m not doing school with him until it settles down, there isn’t any point since he is can’t hear much. sad.gif I’m going to give him a homeopathic remedy specifically for ear problems to help him along. Right now he is drawing with his hieroglyphic stencil, not real words just making the pictures. The little ones are watching Joseph King of Dreams.

Jasmine is still in confirmation, we are still really working with her to help her feel comfortable and get with the program. She is doing better somewhat but still not quite on board. *sigh* I did tell her she could write just a couple of sentences about the sermon and then draw a picture about the sermon, we will see if that helps her with the sermon notes. The other thing I might do is have her read the sermon online and take notes from that. Pastor Doug will probably not be happy with that but at least she will be reading his sermon.

Still trying to catch up with laundry, it is coming along slowly. Tommy is off two nights this week since he worked saturday night~ without overtime yet  I was not a happy wife with that let me tell you. Tomorrow night we will go to storytime and the park but during the day I guess he will be home with the kids and I have to go over to Trudy’s house to work on MOPS stuff. So maybe he will be able to wash a few loads of clothes maybe do some cleaning too.

We called Tommy’s sister and asked her to do the gift exchange so we have our names and can start working on getting gifts for xmas gradually. This way it is not so hard on us. I should email her the kids wish list so that she can pass it on to whoever gets their names.

Well, gotta go do that or it won’t get done.


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