Sept. 01, 2005

Well, I talked to Laura at the church who runs the confirmation program about Jasmine and she agreed that she would work with Jasmine about the acolyte thing. So Jasmine is going to go to confirmation. I’m so relieved.

Darius and I have had a few conversations about what is it he is going to do with his life. He is still considering going into the military for a term. I would prefer him to go into the air force, but he is leaning towards the army.  But he needs to do one of the other, since he is unmotivated to do much anything else.

We are still very busy here almost everyday and that is just the pits. I would love to get a break and remember what it is like to be bored out of my mind.  Of course I have so many things I would like to work on it wouldn’t happen easily.

Choir started up for the boys and maybe Camryn. I had told Kendra that she had to pick one choir to be in, bells, vocal or both. Hmmm, she chose one~ the little kids choir  But the choir director for that choir was fine with it and I’m not going to fight it. Be careful of giving choices,

MOPS starts at the end of the month,  which means more work. I have some decisions to make about whether or not I take the all the kids or just the baby.

Busy weekend ahead and I need/want to finish Noah’s math book by tuesday but it would mean lots of homework and I don’t know if pushing him that hard is a good idea. But sooooo want to catch up this year. I know I know I’m pressuring us both but it would be so nice to not feel like we are so behind by this time next year.

I guess I better get moving since I still have things to do today. One of which is make more phone calls for meals for two of our church members who need meals.


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