August 11, 2005

Life here has been good this week. Noah and Adrien have wanted to do school and since it is so early in the school year that is a huge relief. I much prefer my children to enjoy doing schoolwork.
On tuesday Noah even asked to do history.

Our schedule looks like this~
Grammar, Math, Reading, Phonices, Handwriting is done every day.
History is MWF, Science is TTh.
We haven’t added in spelling yet, I need to order the book but have to wait for the funds. Art is the same. Music~ the boys sing in the church choir. But we will be adding in music reading this year at some point.

The kids have either gone swimming or rode their bikes or ran around at the park all this week. So they are getting plenty of exercise for the time being.
I still need to get the paperwork off to the school board. Guess I better go do that.

Hope everyone here is having a great schooling week.


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