August 08, 2005

Today was our first day of school and it went really well considering we have Caedmon now. We covered everything we needed to and with lunch it took us 4 hours. But I did do some “schoolwork” with Adrien also. We started a phonics rule notebook, I think that if Noah knows the phonics rules it will help his reading a bit. So I did a page with consonants on it, one with vowels, then the cvc rule, we covered ing/ang/ong today so that went in also. I wish I had done this last year it would have helped. We also have a small dry erase board and I left the rules on the board, so he could see them tonight, it is magnetic so I put it on the refrigerator biggrin.gif Think he will notice? We also reread three chapters in SOW while he colored the activity pages to go with the reading. We are doing two lessons a day in math so we can catch up. If we can continue to do so well until Thanksgiving we should be pretty much caught up. I am so hoping that we can. There was no fighting today between the boys and minimal from Camryn who at 2.5 is a terror lately. It seems that when the boys get their “mom time” everything goes so much smoother, children are happier and so is mom. The boys went over to Grandma’s house and rode their bikes also for 20 minutes. Which is counted for PE. So we covered quite a bit today and I am ever so happy. Although I need to get the paperwork together for the board of ed. I better go do that now before I forget.


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