August 04, 2005

I will be so glad when this day is over. I stupidly packed up all the library movies to go back today since we had so many and I was tired of tripping over them all the time and what did I send back way to early? National Treasure, now I have seen it but I wanted to watch it again but I wont’ be anytime soon, as it is always on hold. Some days I need my head examined to make sure it works.

I had wanted to start walking this week to start losing some of this weight but it is so hot that I couldn’t but it is supposed to cool off tomorrow so maybe I can over the weekend.

We went out looking for an outfit for Caedmon’s baptism but had no luck so I decided I would make him one but when I went to Joann Fabrics they didn’t have the pattern I wanted, so I have to go to another Joann’s and hope they have it. Then I have to finish the outfit in two weeks. Lucky me.

Adrien has a headache and fever, Camryn has a slight fever. Baby Caedmon has a stuffy nose but has gained 7oz. since Monday, he weighs a whole 9#13oz But has stretched out so much he still looks skinny.

Noah passed level three of swim lesson the first time through. He tested today, a day early and passed. He is becoming a fair swimmer, in such a short time frame. I’m hoping to have some extra cash this winter to have him take level 4 at the Y. I think we have found his sport.

We start Noah’s school on monday and I’m thinking of starting Adrien and Camryn’s preschool since I’m just doing basic stuff and hopefully it will only take about 30-45 minutes or so. Noah wasn’t thrilled to start early but when I told him we would have a longer x-mas break he was all for it.

I have a few things to work on for MOPS but have no energy to do it. OH well, it will get done, maybe tomorrow. Along with lots of cleaning. most of the laundry is done but I need to wash some sheets and blankets before sunday.

Well, gotta get off here and find something to wear for the baptisms, *off to ebay*


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