July 28, 2005

I have a new place to write down my thoughts, I love to write and this is my third blog. Perhaps I’m just too chatty? Maybe so but it is so much fun reading my thoughts later.

Hmmm, I know, Caedmon and my granddaughter Savannah are going to be baptized on Aug. 20, 2005 at the 5:30pm service. Tommy’s cousin Liz will baptize Caedmon and Pastor Doug will do Savannah. I think it is nice to do them both together since they are only 4 weeks apart. Tommy’s cousin Liz is a Lutheran pastor and baptized the older three kiddoes for us. Although, I’ve heard some flack from Pastor Doug about this already. Oh well, she is family and I’m not going there with him.

So this weekend I will be writing.gif or maybe this is better working.gif on the food and what Caedmon will wear. We did the Noah and Ace in Jan. so he won’t be wearing longs sleeves and pants in August. and I don’t think Camryn’s rosebud dress will work either. I love planning family things, it is so much fun.

We have been doing history and science every day this week. banana.gif So I’m seeing the light of eventually catching up and being where I want to be.

And my 19 yr old son Darius who I worry about his choices, got his haircut today. No more braids!!!! It is still not really short but it is not even chin length now and I’m just so happy that he cut it and without me nagging or even suggesting it. God does answer prayer.

Baby Caedmon weighs 9#8oz finally, like all my babies he is slow to start but gaining bits here and there. I’m hoping to sell one of my baby slings as they are hurting my neck and back too much to wear him in them. I’m hoping to try one of the asian carriers and see if they are better for me.

Well, I”m out of here for now.


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