July 23, 2005

I’m checking over what we need to get done and how much work we have to do before mid-november. I plan to start back this week but we will see how that works as Noah will still be in swimming lessons for the next two weeks. They are from 10:30 to 11am and Noah doesn’t do well with doing school in the afternoon, I may just work on history and science for the next two weeks until the lessons are over. Then add in everything else gradually until we are at a full load. I still have to get the paperwork together for the board of education.

We took a 1 mile nature walk today, the boys really enjoyed it and for the first time were really looking for things. Noah found a toad, tons of daddy-long legs, butterflys and drangonflies. He pointed out run-off spots and tossed rocks into the creek to watch the ripples. They looked at fallen trees and asked questions about them. They were trying to find a salamander but didn’t. We looked at moss and different types of rocks, noticed the soil we were walking on. It was lots of fun if tiring for me. Caedmon is only turning 6 weeks old and I overdid it today but it was worth it.

Next Sunday maybe we can make it to the Western Reserve Historical Society. That would be lots of fun. Lots of work but lots of fun

Well, gotta go see if I can do a bit more planning while the baby is sleeping. If he stays asleep that is.


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