July 16, 2005

We took most of this week off also since the heat has been unrelenting and we have been so busy with real life things. Noah finished level 2 of swim lessons and passed them also. Go Noah!!!!
We are very proud of him and I’m guessing we have found his sport. I really want my kids to be athelectic but sometimes it is hard to find a sport we can afford, they are good at. so I’m very happy about the swimming.

This week is VBS, so no schoolwork although 3 hours a day of VBS is enough “school” for anyone. The children are going to another church for VBS as our church isn’t doing VBS this year.

Then the following two weeks will be spent doing level 3 of swim lessons. I’m tired of swim lessons already but Noah is excited to try level 3. I’m hoping to get back to some semblance of schoolwork that week but we will see how the schedule falls.

We are doing the church summer reading club again this year. Children have to read 10 books over the course of 10 weeks or have their parents read them to them. Adults have to read 5 books. So all together I will read 20 books at least to the kids this summer if not more. How to get my 5 read on time I have no idea. I’ve finished one. Hopefully I can catch up quickly.

I’m looking forward to summer being over, we have been so much busier this year. I long for the slower days of the school year. Not that we aren’t busy then either but at least we are not usually going out every day.


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