July 07, 2005

We saw the teacher who does our evaluation yesterday and of course it went well. She is just wonderful and we are truly blessed to have her do our evals. She was pleased to hear that Noah is finally able to read Bob Books and the easy readers with Veritas Press’s Phonics Musuem. Also that we had more fun this year while homeschooling. She was surprised that Noah likes Horizons Math but happy that it is working so well for him. She really enjoys seeing the pictures we take, I’m sure she would love to have Noah interact more with her but he is still kind of shy yet. She also really likes seeing the pictures he draws. I’m hoping that by next year he will be able to write a short story for her to read.
I guess I will add that to our goals for the upcoming year. Noah was so tired by the time we saw her yesterday, he had gotten up early since our princess woke him up at the crack of dawn. He also had his swimming lesson before we went. I guess we will try to do our evaluation in May so it is not in the middle of summer fun/work.
So I told Noah that he could have the rest of the week off. He still has swimming lessons and is practicing the new skills so it isn’t like he is going to be just sitting around. I would love for him and my older daughter Kendra to draw some pictures of ancient egypt or maybe play a game or do a puzzle in the evening while my husband is sleeping(he works 3rd. shift)
Besides this gives me some time to get ready for my MOPS steering team retreat on saturday. It is only for 4 hours but I have some reading to do and organizing before then. We also have to watch my baby granddaughter on saturday, she is exactly 4 weeks older than our baby~ it is like haivng twins for a few hours.
I’m checking into free field trips for us to take this year. The Western Reserve Historical Society is free until Sept. 15. So I’m trying to find a way to get there a few times as they haves some great preschool and family programs. Also a small farm in the city where we live is haivng family days in sept. We also have a discount coupon for Hale Farm and Village, so it is on my list of possiblity’s. The Art musuem is a must but only on sunday’s as the parking is outrageous.
I would love to plan them for once a month during the school year, but I know that won’t happen that way. Well, Master Caedmon is grouchy, so I’m out of here.


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