June 30, 2005

I’ve spent the last few days working on our schooling schedule. All this means is setting goals for each subject. After that I write down each subject and then decide how many days a week and which days. I still need to get it down on a weekly log type of paper. Just so I can see what it looks like.
While I was on bedrest it was hard to do school although we did work on it. But it just seemed so disorganized to me. Since I have changed quite a bit of my Sonlight stuff, it wasn’t as if I could just pick up the TG and do it.
I’m hoping that this will get us back on track and we won’t feel so out of it. Once I’m feeling better from having had Caedmon, there are other things I would like to do with the children, not spend hours everyday doing just bookwork. I would love to get back to taking nature walks or just walking with them everyday at least until it is too cold here to walk anymore.
I’m also scrapbooking the school pictures that I take so that the kids will have something meaningful left over to remember our time together. But above and beyond that I want to work on my doll making business, I handmake waldorf style dolls, but I have had to put it aside while being on bedrest, labor, birth and recovery. I’m so hoping to get organized so that I can get back to “business” so to speak.
It is also that time of year for planning my MOPS group. This year I’m co-cordinating with a good friend of mine. So it seems as if all I’m doing is planning something somewhere or another. Good thing I like to plan,
Off to do more planning……..


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