April 05, 2005

Well, after reviewing Noah’s work and actually doing some we are not as far behind as I thought except in phonics, but with his dyslexia I’m not going to push him just to “catch up”. I would rather he be able to read instead of not being able.

Noah can do the monkey bars at the park now, even the swinging ones. I’m glad because it will help his left/right brain connections. I hope to have him take swimming lessons this summer for the same reason.

Most of his school books will be here tomorrow. Some are coming next week. I still want to order a visual perceptual book to help his eyes learn how to process better.

We did some of the zoo last week and it was really nice and then we did a cookout at the park. It has been on the chilly side since then and the kids have really bad coughs while the Princess(our 2 yr. old) has run a fever for the last two nights.

Noah and Adrien have been building quite extensively with their duplo legos. I took a picture of a building today.

We finished reading about Sumeria yesterday but I don’t want to start Egypt until some of our new books get here. So we will work on a family tree thing but I need to get the pictures developed in order to finish that project. I also want to review Abraham and Sarah from the bible since they were from UR. I really want the kids to be able to correlate ancient history with the bible. I know I was never taught any of that.

The boys are army crawling which is another great cross patterning skill to help Noah with his reading.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


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