Feb. 16, 2006

Tommy wanted to take a look at the new apple computer since I need a new one and sorry to say a very loyal apple user. Since I want more memory I have to order online but with free shipping that is not too bad. Homeschooler’s also get a small discount. My computer now is 6 years old but, there is no more hard drive and it is starting to sound grindy, not a good sign.

They are very cool looking and I can’t wait until I order it and it comes. Cami got to play Dora on the new one at the store, she did very well and had a blast. The boys also loved them. Noah saw a Robin Hood game that looked very cool and Adrien wanted Lego Star Wars. It was very fun, we were in there for 45 minutes with 4 little children

The only problem we have is I will need a new desk  This one is just not compatible with the size and where you hook up everything or the dvd slot. The only problem is I haven’t seen one that I like *sigh*

Oh well, one thing at a time.


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